Terms of Trade
1.0    Payment Terms

1.1    The price for the goods and services will be as quoted in writing by Ace Hedge Cutting Limited to the customer. In the absence of a written quote, Ace Hedge Cutting Limited's standard charge applies. All quotes and charges are expressed as exclusive of GST and GST will be payable by the customer in addition to such payment. Any verbal prices given without viewing the job (over the phone or in person) are only "ball-park figures".

1.2    Ace Hedge Cutting Limited reserves the right to charge for travel costs, and any other charges in relation to the service being provided and will be payable by the customer. Travel costs are calculated using the current AA approved rate or less.

1.3    Payment for all goods and services must be made by the customer to Ace Hedge Cutting Limited on the 20th of the month following the date of Ace Hedge Cutting's invoice. Payment is appreciated upon completion of the job when the invoice is issued.

1.4    If the client fails to make payment on the due date Ace Hedge Cutting Limited reserves the right to impose a late penalty fee calculated at 5% of the total balance outstanding by the client. Where payment is unpaid for more than 90 days and amounts outstanding or disputed job will be forwarded to a collection agency or the Disputes Tribunal. All associated costs in doing so will be added to the original account.

2.0    Health and Safety

2.1    It is a safety issue if anyone enters the 30m safety zone while the Hedge Cutter is in operation. Anyone who does enter the 30m safety zone takes full responsibility for their own safety. Please keep your distance.

2.2    Any job will be terminated if persons/animals are interfering with the work area or not keeping a safe distance. Normal charges will apply for work carried out.

2.3    No responsibility will be accepted for damage caused by flying/falling debris when cutting as instructed.

3.0    Liability

3.1    Damage to blades/equipment by hidden objects in the hedge, i.e. steel standards, concrete posts or other objects that Ace Hedge Cutting is not advised of, may be charged for in the form of any repairs or replacement items.

3.2    Plant materials removed by Ace Hedge Cutting become the property of Ace Hedge Cutting Limited.

3.3    Ace Hedge Cutting Limited accepts no liability for damage to and not limited to, grounds, plants in or around hedging, vehicles driven close to the safety area; caused by machinery or falling debris. This includes the death of plants due to being cut by your instruction. Please note that uneven ground is going to influence the finish on the hedge.

3.4    If you are unhappy with the job/finish then please inform Ace Hedge Cutting upon completion of the job and they will make corrections at that time. If they leave the site (without being notified otherwise) they will take it that the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

If you are happy with the job that Ace Hedge Cutting Limited has done for you, please use your experience to refer our hedge cutting services.
Updated 16 May 2011

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