Ace Hedge Cutting Services
Saw Blades
This head is fitted with twin 700mm dia. saw blades which will cut anything from "twigs to 75mm dia. limbs". It has a 'side-cut' reach of 5.4m and a 'top-cut' height of 4.0m. This is a very versatile cutting head which is very good for most situations. It is excellent for "whacking into" over-grown hedges like pittosprum, bamboo or anything you like to name. It is also great for clearing over hanging branches from drive-ways and farm races. NOTE - If a FIRETRUCK can not access your drive-way in an emergency your insurance may not pay out for a fire claim.
Sickle Bar
This has a double sided blade, like your hand held hedge trimmer, but is 1.8m (6ft) long. This is best suited for "very light foliage to 20mm branches" it also has a 'side-cut' reach of 5.4m and a 'top-cut' height of 4.0m.
Flail Head
This uses the same base unit as the Saw Blades but with Flail Blades fitted, so the reach etc is the same. This is good to use were you (or I) don't want to be picking up the debris i.e. Barbary trimmings. It will shred material up to a dia. of 20-30mm (depending on the hardness of the wood). It does tend to "hack" at the material as opposed to clean cutting it.
Long Reach Chain-saw
This is a hydraulically driven saw (like all the heads are) with a 1m (3ft) long cutting bar and the ability to add extensions into it's arm to get a cutting reach of 8-10m. It is designed for the big stuff, "75mm and up", clearing the bigger branches form drive-ways to selective cutting/pruning or "picking" complete trees apart where there is no room to "drop them" as a complete tree i.e. it will literally cut the tree into fire-wood sized blocks up in the air if need be.
This is no "hire shop toy" that you poke sticks in one at a time. It is self feeding and is on it's own self contained trailer with a 'chip bin' built onto it and is powered with a 2600cc diesel engine.
Slasher / Mulcher
This is yet another attachment for the machine and is used to drive over the trimmings/debris which are on the ground. With it's heavy duty slasher blade it will slash branches to pieses and then they pass into the mulching chamber with all the lighter material as well, where all material is turned into a find mulch before being discharged out and can be shot back under the hedge as ground cover mulch.
This hedge cutting service is usually much more economical than attacking the job by hand. By the time you go to the hire shop and get the trestles and equipment and then get home to do the job, I'd be half way through it and at this point you haven't even unloaded the gear or even thought about breaking out in a sweat. And what are your week-ends worth.

I have had incredible feed back after doing jobs (cutting out/lowering hedges and trees) regarding the extra sunlight which is let in to the house or garden which changes the living environment with a noticeable increase in the warmth and dryness of the house or added growth in the garden without puggy wet lawns that only grow moss.
Business Opportunities
This service will be starting up in other areas in the near future. If you think that you would be interested in becoming a franchisee in your part of the country and would like to register your interest in a very good out-doors type of business then please don't hesitate to contact myself regarding the availability of an opportunity in your area. KEN BROUGH.
Ace Hedge Cutting
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