About Ace Hedge Cutting
Hi, I'm KEN BROUGH (Bruff). A mad inventor of anything that goes fast or to make life or jobs easier.

A while back I saw a need for a compact hedge-cutting machine that could easily access tight jobs in urban and lifestyle block sections where the large tractor mounted units can't access due to their size, weight and maneuverability, which can/do rip up grassed areas and break through septic tanks etc.

I built it up based on a small digger that is on rubber tracks (no lawn damage*), is only 1.2m wide and is very maneuverable in tight areas. I have built a number of cutting heads to suit different situations and cutting requirements which are quickly interchangeable along with 2 sets of forks for clearing/loading/removing debris. Or even reverting back to digger buckets for the odd earth works or complete plant removal.

I also provide a full service of debris removal and dumping or mulching, or mulcher hire so you can do it yourself. I work from my home base in the Te Awamutu area and at present I cover the Waikato, but also do trips to other areas i.e. Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Coromandel if I get a number of jobs together to make the trip more economical.
* if lawn is compacted and healthy.
Ace Hedge Cutting
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